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Buy Gorilla Glue Dankvape. This flavor is created by crossing chocolate diesel and sour diesel strains. This flavor provides the head with a serious buzz, providing you with a sensation of a glued head. However, this is all made possible by an insanely potent 25-28% average THC level. The properties of this flavor are extremely hard and can produce some unpleasant side effects if you aren’t careful.

Buy Gorilla Glue Dank Vape Online

Upon consumption, Individuals who struggle with insomnia, depression, or anxiety depend heavily on this strain.  This is because, its properties are know to combat the above any medical symptoms. Gorilla Glue is to be perfect for treating conditions such as, chronic pain and muscle spasms. This flavor has a super sour diesel chemical flavor that’s incredibly harsh and sticks to your tongue. Even long after you finish consumption. The aroma is even more powerful, with a slightly sweet sour mocha effect that accents by chemical diesel. Buy Gorilla Glue Dankvape


Side effects of Gorilla Glue #4 are, not surprisingly, extreme dry mouth and dry eyes. More so than with any other strain, monitor your water intake and keep eye drops on hand to combat these uncomfortable effects.

Due to the numbing intensity of this high, it is a great strain to reduce chronic, widespread pain or to deal with insomnia and depression. The effect will wash over you almost instantaneously and help manage pain.

While the hard-hitting impact of Gorilla Glue #4 can be a good thing for some anxiety, others will actually experience increased feelings of unease and paranoia.

Therefore, as with any strain, it’s different for everyone, so you need to experiment and see how the strain effects you.

Gorilla Glue is also a great strain for stomach ailments, such as nausea and lack of appetite. Try it to soothe a variety of stomach issues next time you want to reach for a prescription, or over-the-counter drug that may only upset your stomach further. Now buy Gorilla Glue Dankvape.


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