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What are 9 Pounds Hammer Marijuana Strain?

9 Pound Hammer Marijuana Strain is a strong yielding Indica strain with 80% of the dominant component. It was created by famous breeders TGA Subcool Seeds as they made a three-way cross between fruity Gooberry, Jack the Ripper, and Hell’s Angel OG. The strain contains between 14 and 23% THC, making it a fairly potent strain. With its short flowering time of 50 to 60 days, the 9-pound hammer is very efficient over time. This strain develops a regular green color; nevertheless, in some spots of the leaves and buds, you can discover violet hues. This strain is considered very resistant to powdery mildew. It can be grown both inside and outside also. If the grower is struggling with limited space, it’s best to top the plants during the early veg days.

Is 9-Pound Hammer a Indica or Sativa?

9 Pound Hammer is an indica strain, but it does have some sativa effects as well. This bud comes from a long line of highly regarded genetics and was created by the same breeders who brought us Deep Purple and Jesus OG. TGA Subcool Seeds are well known in the cannabis business, and they are a stamp of approval for any strain that they have created. The leaves are green and have yellow and orange hairs, which are highly sought after. The flowers also have dashes of purple inside them, which emerge fully if they’re grown properly using “shocking” methods.

More on 9 Pound Hammer Marijuana Strain

Users describe the 9-pound hammer-high as an immediate beginning of a happy, euphoric and uplifting cerebral brain, which is stimulating and pain-relieving. This is followed by a slow drift towards sedation on the couch that leaves you completely relaxed in mind and body with an overwhelming sense of sleepiness. As the high tempo fades, you will be relieved into a deep and peaceful sleep. Due to these powerful effects, it is said that 9 Pound Hammer is an ideal strain to treat patients suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, stress, and eye pressure. The 9-pound hammer has a sweet grape aroma with a touch of earth and a sweet lime flavor that intensifies when exhaling. This dank bud has bright neon green grape-shaped nugs with dark forest green undertones and a fine layer of trichomes.


The highlighted phenotype is Gooberry dominant. This Indica style plant has an early production of resin and pushes hard rock buds with giant calyx covered with resin. It shows the growth of the Kush style. It has the ability for immense growth but can handle an intense pruning late in veg to train. The resin coated calyx on large, dense nuggets is surrounded by autumn colored leaves at the end of the growth cycle. Quick end time and a very large producer.

High Type

The hammer hits with a full-bodied stone, which leads to immediate relaxation. The relief of pain and anxiety is instantaneous and lasting. Recommended for relieving pain, stress, muscle tremors and PTSD. It also aids in better sleep. Careful, 9lb Hammer packs a serious punch!!



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